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Achieve a color-enhanced yet lived-in look with balayage.

If you are looking to enhance your current hair color with new color, but you’re looking for a more natural, lived-in look, balayage could be the perfect solution. Balayage can offer the perfect combination of new colors without being too extreme. We at Southern Grace Salon and Boutique are happy to offer our balayage services to anyone in the Harker Heights, Texas area.

Balayage are the perfect solution for a softer hair transformation with added color. It involves coloring the hair in a sweeping motion, so the color is strongest halfway down the hair shaft and lightens toward the ends. The end results are often a sun-kissed look that can look great on anyone with any color they choose to add to any existing hair color. We can expertly apply the balayage in a way that can help your hair look just the way you want.

Our goal is always to help you look and feel more beautiful and confident. We would love for you to give us the opportunity to achieve that with our balayage services. We can also provide you with any other hair coloring services you might want if the balayage look isn’t for you. We can offer full or partial color services, traditional highlights, root touchups, and more. No matter the services we provide, you can trust that we will always make your hair look just the way you want, so you can feel more comfortable with your own hair color and style.

Achieve a color-enhanced yet lived-in look with balayage. Give us a call or stop by to schedule our services today.