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From subtle root touchups to complete color changes, your dream hair is just an appointment away.

Hair Coloring in Harker Heights in TexasPeople have been coloring their hair for centuries; evidence shows that ancient civilizations used plant dyes and other pigments to help cover gray hairs, and the first synthetic dyes were popularized in the early 1900s. We’ve come a long way since then, and these days, stylists masterfully use dyes to help their clients achieve a dazzling array of hues. Here at Southern Grace Salon and Boutique, we specialize in hair coloring services, and we’re proud to serve clients in and around the Harker Heights, Texas area.

Our hair coloring services include the following:

  • Full Color– A full color service involves applying the desired dye to your entire head from the roots to the ends to achieve a uniform color.
  • Partial Color– During this hair coloring service, your stylist will apply color to a specific section of your hair. This service is great for enhancing the dimension of your hair, enriching natural tones, or creating specific color effects in a targeted area.
  • Highlights– Highlights are a great way to add dimension and brightness. Your stylist will use dye to create contrast between your natural hair and the highlighted strands.
  • Balayage– If you want a softer, sun-kissed look, balayage is a great choice. This technique involves applying hair color in a sweeping motion, most often starting midway down the shaft and gradually lightening the color towards the ends. Balayage provides softer regrowth lines than traditional highlights, helping create a lived-in look.
  • Root Touchups– Root touchups are a key service if you want to maintain your desired hair color. During a root touchup, your stylist will apply color to the newly grown-out roots of your hair to achieve a uniform look across the entire strand.

Not sure what you’re looking for from your hair coloring appointment? We’re always happy to schedule you for a hair consultation, during which we can discuss aspects like your goals and what kind of maintenance you’re willing to invest in before creating a plan for reaching your hair color goals.


Whether it’s your first hair coloring appointment or you’re looking for a skilled stylist who can help you maintain your desired hue, our team is here for you. Drop by or contact our salon to schedule your next appointment.


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