Hand-Tied Extensions, Harker Heights, TX

Our premium hand-tied extensions are expertly applied by our certified stylists.

If you’re looking for the best hair extensions on the market, hand-tied extensions are likely at the top of your list. Not only are they made with quality hair, but their application method sets them apart in producing exceptionally natural, full-bodied results.

Hand-Tied Extensions in Harker Heights, Texas

If you’re thinking about getting hand-tied extensions, here’s what you need to know:

  • Hand-tied extensions are sewn in. Our skilled stylists will sew each weft to a beaded row using a nylon thread. This adds natural volume and length while easing pressure on your scalp and hair. The lack of adhesive is a selling point for many people, as hand-tied extensions tend to last longer, are faster to remove, and hold up well to deep conditioning treatments.
  • Hand-tied extensions require expert application. Due to the intricate process, hand-tied extensions should only be done by highly trained professionals. Our certified stylists treat extension applications like unique works of art, and they will carefully and attentively ensure your extensions look amazing.
  • Follow-up care is crucial for longevity. We are passionate about promoting your hair health beyond your salon visit, which is why we carry a variety of quality products for every budget. Caring for hand-tied extensions requires high-quality products, and we guide our clients on how to best care for their extensions. With proper care, hand-tied extensions can be pushed up a few times before needing to be replaced, allowing them to last for up to eight months.

At Southern Grace Salon and Boutique, we provide professional and enjoyable salon services. If you’re in the Harker Heights, Texas area and considering hand-tied extensions, book your appointment with us today.