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Add new dimension to your hair with highlights.

Highlights in Harker Heights, TexasDying your hair an entirely different color can be a big commitment, even when you can trust your hair stylist to do a great job and make your hair look fantastic. A way to change the look of your hair color without committing to a full color dye could be highlighting certain parts of your hair. If you are looking to add highlights to your hair in Harker Heights, Texas, you can come to us at Southern Grace Salon and Boutique for our hair coloring services.

When you choose to add highlights to your hair, we can use whichever color of dye you choose, whether it be a natural color or a vibrant color, to create just the right amount of contrast between your natural hair and the highlighted parts of your hair. We will carefully color your hair in a way that will look seamless and natural without looking too extreme, unless that is what you want. You will find that the new highlights can add dimension and brightness to your hair with any color you choose.

In addition to highlights, we can offer any other hair coloring services you might want to transform the look of your hair, including full or partial color services, balayage, and root touchups. No matter the hair coloring service you choose, you can trust that we will add just the right amount of color to enhance the natural look of your hair and help you look and feel beautiful and confident. If you aren’t quite sure what look might be best for you, you can schedule a hair consultation to discuss your goals and lifestyle to determine what hair coloring or other hair styling services might be best for you.

Add new dimension to your hair with highlights. Give us a call or drop by today to schedule our services.